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Keep your things clean and clear when you open the drawstring bag and begin to use the Premium set. A white 2 fl. oz. bottle of cleaning solution is packed with a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth and an eyeglass repair kit (made up of 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers). This works great for glasses and electronics! Print your logo on this item and allow clients to see the immense value in your brand!
$3.26 and up
Have your clearest vision yet with this ultra set. Packed in a clear, drawstring bag is a white, 4 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. This is the perfect kit for keeping your eyeglasses or electronics completely clean! Don't forget to print your name to this item! When clients get this they'll see that you're spot-on about keeping the spots off and continue coming back to you for your services!
$3.26 and up
Give people something useful with the suede cloth bulk. It's measured at 6" x 6" and is great for those moments when you need to wipe off electronics, glasses, or even CDs and DVDs. You can choose from four great colors and have your logo imprinted (along with a QR code) to complete the look. Anyone who gets this won't be able to deny how your company has helped them out! Order today!
$0.71 and up
The cloth is our most popular and leads the industry in value. It measures at 6" x 6" and features a thicker, heavier weight than what we normally offer. It feels great in hand and can be used to keep your glasses or electronics free of smudges and spots. You can add full color artwork to this item with a QR code and create a product all your own. Hand these out to customers who will agree that this item is unforgettable.
$0.85 and up
Add a useful tool to your arsenal with the ultra Opper Fiber(R) cleaner. This microfiber cloth was made specifically for use with existing tablet cases and will keep your screen clean and protected. It's also good for use against other items likes glasses. Print your logo to this item and give this to clients to broaden your brand reach. Every time it's opened or closed they will see it and be reminded of your services.
$1.71 and up
Enjoy a clear view behind spot-free lenses after using the ultra set. Aside from a repair kit (which includes 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers), you get a white 4 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth all inside of a clear, drawstring bag! That's plenty to make sure your glasses and electronics stay in their best shape. Imprint this item with your company name and give this to clients. You'll have a successful promotion and increase business with the simplest of solutions!
$3.73 and up
If you're ready for a clear view, put the power in your hands with the ultra cleaning cloth. It's made of a microfiber material that's thicker and heavier than our normal offerings and measures 10" x 10". This is great for wiping down monitors, electronics, and eyeglasses. Imprint this with your logo and a QR code and allow people an easy way to come back to you for more. Invest in this great promotion today!
$1.39 and up
A streak-free clean is what's in store when you order the Premium cleaner kit. Eyeglasses and electronics will remain in their best shape when you apply the cleaning solution and wipe them down with the 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. The cleaner comes in a white bottle of 4 fl. oz. enclosed in a small drawstring bag with the cloth. Put your company name on it and gain the respect of the clients you give it to!
$3.20 and up
Double up on your promotional outreach with this 2-pack of cleaning cloths! Because you can never have enough, this multi pack allows you to put a cloth in a variety of places such as home, work, car and anywhere else you need to keep them handy. Measuring 6" x 6", the surface of each cloth allows for a full-color imprint of your logo or company name, so your brand will stand out from the rest. From eye doctors to insurance companies, this item is a great giveaway that everyone will use!
$2.38 and up
The debossed cloth cleans eyeglasses, sunglasses, smartphones, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, LCD's, MP3 players, DVDs, TV's, goggles, jewelry, navigation systems and more! Add a beautifully eye-catching logo to your ultra cloth for brand recognition. Tough enough to last a long time, but still smooth when cleaning your devices, our classy debossed logo works best on ultra or suede cloth for better durability.
$0.84 and up
You can make a big splash at your next event by showing off this ultra tablet cleaner. With your logo imprinted in full color you'll be seen everywhere there's a screen to clean! You can wipe off electronics, glasses, jewelry and much more. Make this available to your clients at the next tradeshow or conference you attend. When you show what you can do, you'll grab the attention of everyone around!
$0.92 and up
Wipe away the dust and streaks with this premium POP Cloth (TM) in a vinyl pop pouch. Just press on the container with your thumb and forefinger and out pops the microfiber material! You can take this with you and always have a way to keep your things clean. Select a background color and have your company logo printed on this item before handing it out. That way, you make the biggest impact with your clients!
$0.91 and up
Put your own spin on this amazing ultra cloth. Choose from a 1-color stock shape or customize it to suit the identity of your company. This promotional item is great for maintaining the appearance and usefulness of glasses and electronics. And with your name printed on it, clients will have a constant reminder of who to trust for great service. Make this a part of your next successful promotion!
$0.86 and up
Broken glasses don't have to get you down. Bring them back to life with the Premium repair kit. Pull open the drawstring bag to find a screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers, all packaged together with a white 4 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. Not only will your eyeglasses feel like new, they'll look that way too! Imprint your logo to this item and your clients are sure to see perfection!
$3.66 and up
Scratchy rags and old t-shirts aren't the answer to getting some delicate items cleaned. Use the suede cloth bulk. It's perfect for wiping away smudges and fingerprints from electronics, glasses, jewelry and much more. It's measured at 8" x 8" and you can choose from four great colors to have your logo and QR code imprinted. Clients who use this will see your name and have you to thank for making things easier.
$0.86 and up
The ultra microfiber cloth is our most popular item. It measures at 6" x 6" and comes packed in a vinyl pouch for safekeeping. You can put this in your pocket, glove compartment, or purse and take this with you wherever you go. Use it to clean eyeglasses or electronics with a soft, gentle touch. Choose from twenty-five colors and have your logo printed on this for maximum brand exposure! You can even add a QR code!
$0.92 and up
The ultimate cleaning tool is here! Get rid of dust and nasty smudges with the suede cloth. It measures 8" x 8" and comes in a vinyl pouch for easy storage and transportation. Let the microfiber fabric clear your screens and the view through your glasses. Thanks to our full color process you get a crisp, clear image and logo imprint to convey your brand in the best detail. Give this to customer today to truly stand out from the pack!
$1.50 and up
Deliver your message in simple way with this Full-Color Snap Pack Cleaner Kit! This convenient and portable kit combines our proprietary Ultra cloth and our specially formulated cleaning solution to give a streak free shine to any touch screen, eyewear, computer screen and any other sensitive surface. Available with a wide variety of cloth colors, you can also add an imprint of your logo or company name for maximum brand exposure! Optional repair kit includes: 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 2 temple spacers and 4 screws.
$3.09 and up
This tablet cleaner is the best when you want that new-screen look. It's made of a soft, microfiber material that wipes electronics and glasses clean. The look is great because it's in full color and your logo can be too! Just have it imprinted and give yourself the chance at greater brand exposure. A great add-on to corporate gifts, demonstrate just how useful this item is and your clients will clamor to get one of their own!
$1.75 and up
Open a drawstring bag to reveal all that you'll need for eyeglass maintenance. This premium collection includes a clear 4 fl oz. bottle of cleaner and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. Also included is a repair kit that has 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers. Don't hesitate to make your clients happy. Imprint your name on this item and hand it out to them. They'll trust and appreciate your commitment to their satisfaction.
$3.63 and up
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